save earth.. to save life

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our earth – the beautiful  planet where we live . it provides us with many things which are necessary for our survival. the trees , food we eat , water we drink , oxygen we breathe , and land to build houses and many more .but For the last one hundred or so years, the people of earth have wasted and misused the natural resourses of earth.which ultimately led to an alarming danger for our mother earth. not only this unwanted cutting of trees led to deforestation and indirectly made many wild animals homeless , moreover harmful smoke of factories targeted towards global warming which is becoming a devastating issue more day- by- day. major problem also includes pollution of water . air ,soil etc . which are making our lives miserable.

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so to protect this, all people of earth must come together because this is not a one day game changer process as every single step of people day to day in there own ways.. will give the best result..

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as this is our responsibility so as  to  ensure that our future generations get a safe environment.

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!!!!!    vo behek’ti se barish …vo khula aasman, 

        vo  khilkhilati  hue dhup… vo che -hakta jahan………………….!

                                 jaha nadiyo ki kal- kal…

                             to kahi jharno ki fuhhar… !   (jharno – waterfall)

                     aisa man- mohak. drishya ….

                            ……………   dharti ka. ……………


  ………….   kahi aur,  hai kaha ?

 !!!!    dekho……

                                       swarg se barhh ke kahi…. jahan hai hmara..

                      jisko swachh rakhna ab kartavy hai hmara….     (swachh – clean , kartavy- responsibility)

                                          na ho jae kahi luptt … ye dharohar hmari…… (luptt – vanish)

      jisse aane wale pustton ko ho kai pareshani.!    (pushton – generations, pareshani- problem)

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!!!  “””   kadam se kadam milae ge,,,  dharti ma ko ba-cchae ge…..

      yahi nara lgae ge ……..aur apne swarg ko sajaege………… “””” !!!!












mere bagiyya ……..(my sweet garden)

Image result for image of  gardenchoti se bagiyya me mere

(  small sweet garden of mine )  (bagiyya – garden)

jb phul khilte kyari -kyari..

( when flowers blossom in it…. everywhere)

to dekh usse mann jhum uthe…………………..

( i feel very enthustiastic )

aur bhawre itraee gali – gali.!    

   and moreover…. bumble bees which boastfully move around the flowers               

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rang birangi bagiyya mere

(colourful garden of mine)

tarah – tarah ke phul hai jisme……

(in which different – different flowers are there)

kuch kali khile hai nyari- nyari

( in which some buds have grown recently )

kuch paatt  sajje hai dali -dali.!!!!!

(also some new leaves on its branches)

                                                                (paatt – leaves )   (dali – branches)


!!!!!   sundar se bagiyya ka phul…

(phul – flower .sunder – beautiful)

 khushboo mehkayy jb pyari-pyari.

(khushboo  mehkayy –  sweet fragnance  of flower  spreads  everywhere )

dekh usse mann jhum uthe

aur bhawre itraee gali- gali.!

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…….meri bagiya sbse sundar…..sbse pyari..

(my   sweet garden is very beautiful )

sb jagg se ye nyari hai……………………………..!

(is out of the world )

dekh jisse mann jhum uthta…….

(and by seeing this i feel very enthusastic and happy )

aur bhawre itratte gali – gali.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(bumble bee – bhawre , itratte – boostful or being proud while roaming around  ..the colourful flowers )



fear—-and its reality………..

Image result for quotes about fearfear can also be called As phobia which means twisting of the normal fear response. as generally The fear can  be  directed toward an object or situation that does not present a real danger.

Though a person recognize that the fear is unreasonable, one can’t help the reaction. Over time, the fear tends to worsen as the fear of fear response takes hold.

as in …………………………………….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

 !!!!!!!     a person is not scared of the dark…… generally one is  scared of what’s in it…!

              like wise a person is not scared of the height;s ..but they are afraid of falling.

         a person is not afraid of the people around them…but in reality they are  afraid         of being rejected.

moreover a person is not afraid to love, they are just afraid of not being loved back…..

and also unintentionally people are not afraid to let go…………but they are afraid to accept the reality that it’s gone……………. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 /////////       as fears are nothing but a state of mind which drives you up or push you back .

so to escape fear you have to go throuImage result for quotes about conquering feargh it and not around it………. !   always remember conquering fear is the beginning of wisdom.





sarhul – tribal festival of jharkhand (india)

 today is 8th April , the day here in Jharkhand (India ) is celebrating  SARHUL across various districts of it .It is  One of the most popular tribal festivals celebrated across the Jharkhand region.Image result for sarhul festival

according to the hindu calendar, every year in the first month  on the third day of the moon or the fortnight of ‘Chaitra’, Sarhul marks the advent of the spring season or “Phaagun” and is celebrated till the month of June or “Jeth”.

 basically ,It is celebrated by the Oraon, the Munda and the Ho tribes, of the Jharkhand region.

actually The Oaron tribe of Jharkhand celebrates the Sarhul festival when the Saal trees get new branches leaves and flowers. The tribals use the Sal and Mahua flowers for the worship of the deities and in other rituals of the festival. The Sal tree has a great importance in the Sarhul festival.

Infact, Sarhul derived from two words ‘Sar’ or Sarai or seed of Sal tree and “Hul” or worship; literally means ‘Worship of Sal’. The Sal tree is worshipped by the people of the tribe because they believe that Goddess Sarna protects them from all natural calamities and disasters. The Oroan tribe also is a great devotee of Lord Ram and Sita. They worship Sita as Dharti Mata (Mother Nature).

how it is celebrated ?

The Saal tree and its leaves play an important role in the festival.The Saal flowers are used for the worship of the deity. During the festival the Pahan (the village priest) fasts for a couple of days. A day before the main worship and rituals of the festival the Pahan brings three new pots made of clay and fills them with water.

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After bathing early in the morning, the priest wears a dhoti made of pure cotton. Then he observes the water level inside the earthen pots. A decrease in water level is predicted to be the harbinger of famine or less rain, and if the level is same it symbolises ample rain.

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Before the commencement of the religious ceremonies the Pahan’s wife washes his feet and seeks his blessings. During the rituals the villagers encircle the Sarna or the worship area. Then the priest offers three young roosters of different colours, one to the God the Almighty, known to the Munda, Ho and Orsan tribes as Singbonga or Dharmesh; another to the village Gods and Goddesses; and the third to the ancestors of the tribes.

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While the Pahan  chants the prayers the tribal drummers continuously play the traditional drum including Dhol, Nagara and Turhi.After the Pooja the Pahan is carried to his house by the boys where he is greeted by his wife who washes his feet.

The Pahan offers the flowers of the Saal tree to his wife and the villagers and also puts the flowers on the roof of each house, which is called “PhoolKhonsi”. These flowers symbolize the brotherhood and friendship amongst villagers.Related imageImage result for sarhul festival

After all the rituals are over a beer made of rice, called Handia is offered as the “Prasad” of the prayers to the villager, who sing and dance and celebrate this festival with great zeal for weeks. It is believed that after this festival the earth becomes fertile and the process of sowing is started.Image result for sarhul festivalHISTORY  DATED  BACK….

The history of the Sarhul festival dates back to the period of Mahabharata as per several legends of Sarhul festival.

AS When Mahabharata battle was going then the Munda tribal people helped the Kaurava army and they sacrificed their lives for it also. In the battle, there were many Munda fighters who died fighting the Pandavas. So, to recognise their corpses, their body had been covered with the leaves of Sal tree and the branches of the same tree. The bodies which where covered with the leaves and branches of the Sal tree remained safe, undistorted, while the other corpses, which were not covered by the Sal tree got distorted and rotted within short time. This depicts their faith on Sal tree which is strongly related with Sarhul festival.


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Travellers across the globe visit Jharkhand to witness this colourful festival of the eastern Indian state. There is always inquisitiveness amongst them to know, when and the how is Sarhul celebrated in Jharkhand.

SO If one wants to observe the festivities of Sarhul one must visit Jharkhand in the month of March because this Sarhul festival celebrations start with the onset of spring and the blooming of flowers; music and dance being the main attraction of the festivities.

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hoslo ki udaan

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khud ko jb ….  bulandiyyo ko chumtte dekha… !/////

khud ko…   

jb…………………….. //////

 ………………………………….. bulandiyo ko chumtte dekha. !!!!!

to laga mano.!

sirf pankho se kuch bhi nai hota…

……udaane to bulaand , bekhoff hosslo se hi hoti.!



april fools’ day

today is 1st april , It is that time of the year again when you can make fun of and play pranks on your friends all in jest and good spirit without any guilt. as the day  is celebrated as April fool’s day .

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the day was first celebrated in Europe, but soon started being celebrated across the world.

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some biggest pranks to the world was………….

Image result for april fool history    Image result for april fool history                      Image result for april fool historyhistory behind this day………………………..

Although April Fools’ Day, also called All Fools’ Day, has been celebrated for several centuries by different cultures, its exact origins remain a mystery.

but some reasons are still there………….

Some Historians believe the day started being celebrated after Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar and ruled that the new calendar starts from January 1 back in 1952, instead of March end when New Year used to be celebrated.

It was April 1, as believed, when the change of calendar from Julian to Gregorian was initiated, hence making it the most commonly believed reason for celebrating the day.

The first country to accept and implement the new calendar was France. But not all countries did the same. Some refused to accept the change and continued following the Julian calendar. Consequently, the ones who did not follow the new calendar started being considered foolish and made fun of by those who did.

so guys !  This day is looked forward to – for all the fun and smile it spreads among people of all ages and groups. and above all the laughter it generates while doing the guilt-free leg pulling is all about fun loving .

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so guys enjoy your day …with lots of laughter and happiness.


befikrr ! ishq

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!!!  kuch tum bhi matwale the… ,, kuch hum bhi naadann the……..

kuch tum bhi……////

…………………. matwale the .. kuch hm bhi naadann the…. !


…………  isqk bhi hua  ///   hme .. to aise mukam pe..,,,,

jb tum bhi befikrr the….  aur hm bhi aanjan kahii   !!! …………………………………….